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Automation of Logistics -Delivery Systems


Logistics plays a major role in most of the business functions. Due to intense competition in the market, organizations are looking for cost-effective systems to minimize their overhead costs. They are looking to improving their process efficiency by deploying efficient solutions in the process of Booking to Dispatch of consignment to the customer.

Business Challenge

In logistics industry,the key role is played by the vehicle by delivery goods to the customer on time. Due to lack of proper vehicle management system in place, our customer found it very difficult to track their vehicles.carrying the goods.

Also there was misuse of time,vehicle and fuel as the process was not automated.Hence most of the time goods were not delivered on time leading to customer dissatisfaction


One of the leading Logistics Player in India

Solution description

The online POS terminals are carried by every delivery personnel to do the on-field transaction The customer’s digital signature is captured on the device upon delivery of goods. and transaction details are transferred to the central server via GPRS.

POS terminals with GPS & Smart card features kept in the Vehicles reads the smart card of the driver and maps with the vehicle ID and send the data to the central server on regular time intervals.

Major Application Features

  • Online data transfer
  • All the drivers are provided with smart cards.
  • Vehicle in and out data will be recorded at the entry and exit at each hub/customer pickup point.
  • Can monitor the vehicle movement mapped with the drivers trip sheet.
  • Also used for parcel booking at the clients place.
  • Terminals are placed at the predefined fuel filling stations to have a close online monitoring of fuel filling.
  • Each vehicle’s fuel management is mapped with respective drivers.

VISIONTEK Products Used

  • Visiontek GL-11


  • Real time data transfer
  • Consignment delivery and POD capturing through digital signature.
  • Tracking of vehicles mapped with drivers
  • Clear information of fuel management of each individual vehicle will be available to the management.
  • Data available at central server and drivers tracking will be made simple.
  • MIS reports on mileage achieved, no of kilometers etc.
  • POS terminal with GPS facility tracks the vehicle/person for increased transparency regarding the status of the consignment delivery

Customer impact

Logistics management solution using VISIONTEK POS, eased the process of tracking the consignment from booking to the delivery, vehicle carrying the goods can be tracked in real time & thus man power resources were efficiently utilized.The solution increased the process efficiency and helped the customer to implement a highly transparent system in their supply chain.This solution enhanced their Customer experience , Streamlined their delivery Structure and minimized their over head expenses.


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