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Flexible . Mobile . Simple
Capture, process and transmit information
  S.No Features Description
1.0 Standard Features
1.1 Processor a)   ARM9 32-bit core CPU @400 MHz
1.2 Memory a)  RAM: 128 MB (DDR)
b)  FLASH: 256 MB
1.3 Display a)  128 x 64 pixel Graphic FSTN LCD with Icons backlight
b)   6 lines x 21 characters and graphics
c)   Separate line for icons (Icons: Adaptor, Antenna (4bars)
      Date YYYY/MM/DD, Time HH:MM, Battery (4bars)
1.4 Keypad a)  31-Keys keypad including 13 Function keys and 3 Command keys,
      shift key,power key and paper feed with LED back lighting
1.5 Printer a)  Impact printer;
b)  24 column, 144 dots/line;
c)  5 lines/sec±20%;
1.6 Communication Modules a)  LAN/Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
1.7 Interfaces/Connectors a)  2 x RS-232 ( Serial / Console);
b)  USB Device
c)  1xLAN (RJ45 connector)
d)  USB Host
e)  Micro SD (upto 16 GB)
1.8 Enclosure a)  ABS+PC
1.9 Accessories 1)  Paper Roll a)  Paper 57mm wide and 35Mtrs length, single ply
2)  Ribbon catridge a)  Dedicating ink ribbon cartridge (Purple), IR 91
b)  Size: 90(W) x 19(D) x 7(H)
3) Power Adaptor a)  9V D.C, working on 100 to 240V A.C-50/60Hz / 2.2A with 5mm Plug
4) Battery a) 7.4V/ 2600mAH Li-ion type
5) Serial Console cable a)  3 pin connector at one end with DB9 pin termination at other side
6) Documentation a)  Installation Manual
2.0 Optional Features
2.1 Contact Less reader a)  Card Interface: Felica and ISO 14443A/B MIFARE, Supports NFC IP-1
b)   HiTag Reader
c)   IR Reader
d)   Provision to connect optical reader with help of serial connector
2.2 Communication Modules      GSM / GPRS
a)  Quad Band
b)  Optional Antenna: 1x GSM Magnetic Whip Antenna(5dB with 5 meters)
2.3 Accessories a)  Holster
b)  Carry Bag
Note: Any Customization is subject to Business Approval.