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Property Tax Collection application


Issues like misappropriation of cash collected as property tax has been reported to the GHMC. They have also noticed that a lot of resources have been wasted for the manual entry of the entire data. They were in need of a system that helps them monitor the field activity and thus increase the productivity and decrease fraud in the current system.

Business Challenge / Problem

Since manual collection process is involved, the issue of lack of transparency in payment collection arises. Fraud and unauthenticated transaction take place regularly. Manual receipt and data entry problems result in time consumption in preparing correct reports.Improper MIS report generation.

Customer Details

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

Solution Description

Complete online process with two-way data transfer through GSM/GPRS. Demands and payment receipts to the citizens are issued. Separate log-in for the device and server side for user and administration is provided.

User-wise assessments (tax collection data) are downloaded from the central server to the HHT. Search option for citizens is provided by PTIN or by door number. The transaction details are uploaded to the central server at real time.

There is provision for auto uploading of transaction details and pending transactions made out of GSM coverage area.

User-wise cash collection limits and duration for collection between the dates are set to avoid mis-use of the collected amounts. User-wise collection and mode of payment reports on cashier log-in at the server side are generated. Summary reports user-wise and consolidated MIS reports are generated.

VISIONTEK Products Used



  • Avoids daily manual carrying of the physical copy of the assessment list.
  • Avoids daily manual uploads of offline transactions to the central server.
  • No frauds in payment collection.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency in payment collections.
  • Optimal resource utilisation for data management like downloading, uploading and
  • preparing the reports.

Customer impact

Visiontek;s Property tax collection solution improved the collection process of GHMC and resulted in enhanced collection of revenues by tax department.

Statistics show that out of the 640 crores collected as property tax, 367.43 crores have been received through the use of handheld devices.


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