• GL-11 GL-11
  • GL-14 GL-14
  • 98 PDA
  • 93 POS93 POS
  • 97BT Bluetooth Printer-97BT
93 POS
Flexible . Mobile . Simple
Capture, process and transmit information

Software Development Kit

VISIONTEK 93 POS Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of libraries to use the functions of various peripherals on HHT.This SDK facilitates development of application programs for 93 POS.

93 POS SDK consists of APIs for all the peripherals of the terminal like Impact printer, LCD ,RFID and communication interfaces. It also includes tools for downloading the compiled application into the terminal.

All the variants of POS run on the standard Linux operating system with the requisite set of utilities to deliver its functionality and VISIONTEK SDK simulates POS interface for the design of application logic and behaviour.


  • The convenience of using a Linux PC as a development platform
  • Programmers continue to use their choice of development tools such as Editors, compilers and debuggers


  • Provides peripheral API emulation and interface
  • Easy to interact graphical user interface tools for downloading the Images.

Application Download Utility

VISIONTEK ePOS Application download utility is a windows based program to download the image and application files from PC to ePOS terminals. It is also used to upload the data from ePOS terminal to PC.

VISIONTEK Application download utility adds value by simple, immediate and low-cost download of ePOS files.

Application Areas

  • 24/7 Mobile operations


  • Easy to use
  • Menu-driven
  • Quick software updates
  • Low cost of download


  • Kernel download, RAM disk and Pos Application files.
  • Upload of application files to PC
  • Communication via Serial port
  • Event Log

System Requirements

System P-III and above
Hard Disk 20GB or Higher
Storage Media FDD (1.44MB) or CD-R (Writer)
Backup UPS
Weight 750 gms
Operating System Windows 98 and Above
Others Anti-virus Software