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Utility Billing and Collection


HMWW&SB had deployed meter readers who visit door to door and take r meter reading manually. There was no way to monitor these agents and to check the transparency. The whole process turned out to be time-consuming, resulting in losses to the Metro water board

Business Challenge

Meter readers visit door to door and take meter reading manually. Later bills were generated at the head office and distributed through area in-charges after a lot of manual interventions like data entry, billing staff and distribution staff. Bill generation and distribution was a time-consuming and non-transparent process with cost included.

Manual bills needed clarifications often and , hence many incorrect bills were distributed.As a result of all the above , overall bill distribution and collection were heavily hampered. This caused a huge loss to the organization.

Customer Details

Hyderabad Metro Water Works & Sewage Board( HMWW&SB), CESU Orissa, CSPDCL Raipur, APCPDCL, APNPDCL.

Solution Description

All the bill collectors are hired by collection agencies and are equipped with handheld devices. Bill collectors go door to door with data loaded from the server into the hand-held terminal using GPRS. Each consumer is provided with a unique number called CID (Customer ID). The meter reader searches for the consumer with his CID number/Name/House number in the database, takes the current reading of the meters available, prints the bill on the spot and hands it to the consumer.

In case of faulty meter a minimum bill is recorded and the bill is distributed. Subsequent to the bill distribution the bill collectors also collect the payment if any consumer intends to pay on the spot, for which the bill collector gives the payment receipt. Transactions are recorded online in the central server through GPRS. In case of GPRS failure, transactions are stored in the POS terminal and are later synchronizedly stored in the server when the signal strength is available.

VISIONTEK Products Used



  • Online billing and multiple window payments increase the revenue.
  • There is increased transparency with each transaction using CID number, hence eliminating total risk factor
  • It is a process of easy and happy billing.

Customer impact

After implementation of online spot billing and collection solution using Visiontek POS 93, HMWW&SB won the most prestigious NUWA award from the Prime Minister of India. The efficiency of their field staff increased as the number of field visits reduced from 4 to at least 2. There was 15-20% increase in revenue when compared with old records.


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