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Designed for Banking, UIDAI / AADHAAR Based Transactions...

AADHAAR Authentication, BFD, AEPS


AADHAAR number is given to every individual in every Indian household by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). The number stores the basic demographics and biometric information, photograph, ten fingerprints and iris, of each individual in a central database. AADHAAR can be easily verified to eliminate the large number of duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases.

Business Challenge / Problem

Shadows with fake pass books can use them to buy essential goods at subsidized rates. Sometimes, it so happens that the beneficiary is denied his share of subsidized goods as his finger print cannot be read.

Customer Details

GoI / any State Government.

Proposed Solution

The beneficiary will keep his finger on the Biometric hand held device, their AADHAAR number is entered and each finger is scanned .The data is sent to AADHAAR server to know the best finger of the beneficiary. The HHD receives fingerprint ranking data from AADHAAR server and is printed in the order of ranking. Through this, the beneficiary can know his best finger as per the ranking and use the best ranked fingers to avail various benefits at Fair price shops, at Banks, in National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the form of commodities or cash.

The beneficiary uses his AADHAAR card for various AADHAAR enabled payment solutions. All the transactions are recorded in the device as well as in the central server. A real time Receipt is given to the beneficiary after the cash collection.

VISIONTEK Products Used

  • VISIONTEK 94 POS, GL - 11


1. The beneficiary always places his best finger first for any transaction. This reduces the authentication attempts and hence the transaction time.
2. Online authentication of the finger prints as per UIDAI, authorized API version 1.6, can be done.


The beneficiary now uses his AADHAAR number for every AADHAAR-enabled transaction without having to check for his best finger every time after performing BFD.


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