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C3-Campus Payment Management System


A reputed college in Bangalore has noticed that there have been a lot of complaints by the students on missing cash and that there were long queues during payment off tuition. They wanted to reduce the time in handling such large amount cash. They have come to us for a solution to increase the effectiveness of cash transactions in their college.

Business Challenge / Problem

In colleges, students are expected to handle money for various reasons like personal use, payment of fees etc. They carry liquid cash, which is difficult to handle as there is possibility of theft and misplacement. When liquid cash is used, most of the time, neither the student nor the parent keeps track of the amount of money spent. It is not possible to have a limit on the cash spent. The student has to wait in long queues for paying tuition, hostel/library fee or at the canteen. Furthermore, maintaining a bank account by a student becomes a difficult task.

VISIONTEK Products Used

  • 94POS with Contact Less Reader

Proposed Solution

C3 (Carry Cash in Card ) is a closed user group campus card that enables students to carry cash on their student ID card for use within the college campus. This card can be used by the student wherever there is a cash transaction involved within the campus, like tuition fees, in library for printing and photocopies, in college canteen. C3 cards can be recharged through cash transfer, cheque issue or NEFT from any bank in India. These cards can also be used as access control for students. Attendance management is also possible through this mechanism.

C3 Cards are closed loop cards used within a campus and connected to the bank's server. POS terminals are placed at vantage locations within the campus LAN. The individual smart cards are debited and the respective college accounts are credited for the value of the transaction for availing of services like canteen and library fee payments. This card also stores the student's biometric information for authentication, access control and attendance management.

Card management software can be used for user management, balance loading, accounting, reports and MIS. With the preloaded value in cards and VISIONTEK's POS devices at vantage points, such as Accounts counter, Library and Canteen students can swipe cards to make purchases and avail every day services. The card is debited and the respective college account is credited for the value of the transaction. It enables the college authorities to use features such as user management, balance loading, accounting, reports and MIS. A detailed access log, management log and individual statement accounts is maintained in the server.


Dayanand Sagar College, Bangalore, IDRBT campus

Benefits & Advantages

To Students :

There will be no need to carry wads of currency notes and fear losing the money. There is no cause for worry in case of loss or theft of the card as it cannot be used by any one since it is biometric enabled. Long queues to pay tuition fees, canteen bills, hostel fees, library fees etc. can be avoided in the college office.

99.98% safe as the card can be used only by student. Above all, the hassle of maintaining a bank account could be avoided.

To Parents :
The parents needn't worry about giving liquid cash to their children. The card can be easily recharged by Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer from anywhere in India. This allows them to monitor the expenses incurred by their children online and thus enables them to put limits in the spending of funds by children.

To Colleges :
Long queues at the cash counters can be avoided and time can be saved. One Card has multiple uses such as student ID, attendance monitoring and access control, cash payment.

It reduces vastly the operational expenses as the need for handling cash is reduced. It helps provide secure cashless transactions to students across their entire campus. It enhances the college reputation.

Daily reconciliation of all transactions and received funds on the same day is possible. ROI is in the first month itself.

To Banks :

One more product is added to the banks bouquet of consumer products and it is a "sure" revenue earner. Long queues in front of the cash counter could be avoided. It increases operational efficiency and reduces operational expenses as the need for handling cash is reduced. There is assured "Float" for the banks as C3 is a prepaid card. It is a secured way of handling voluminous low value transactions. The hassle of maintaining accounts of students which are very temporary in nature is reduced.


Using VISIONTEK POS along with C3 cards helped the college in increasing the effectiveness of the entire cash transfer system by fairly reducing the use of liquid cash and benefitting the students, parents, college authorities and banks all at the same time. As the device is biometric enabled, the college has benefitted from it in attendance management.


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