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Dynamic . Convenient . Utilitarian
Designed for Banking, UIDAI / AADHAAR Based Transactions...
  S.No Features Description
1.0 Standard Features
1.1 Processor a)   ARM Cortex A9 @ 1GHz
1.2 Memory a)  RAM 512 MB Upgradable upto 1GB; Flash 4GB Upgradable upto 8GB
b)  External Flash Memory : Micro SD Card Reader
1.3 Display a)  3.5 Inch Touch Screen TFT LCD with 320X240 pixels; Virtual Keypad on LCD
1.4 Keypad a)  QWERTY Keypad; Alpha Numeric (A-Z;0-9); Function keys (F1-F10)
b)  Special Keys(Shift,Back,Cancel,Enter,Space,Fn)
1.5 Finger Print Scanner a)  Capacitive Finger Print Scanner
1.6 Printer  Thermal graphic printer
 8 dots/mm: 57mm (2.25 in.) wide paper
1.7 Communication Modules  LAN 10/100Base-T
1.8 Audio  1W speaker supporting wav and MP3 files
1.9 Interfaces/Connectors a)  RS-232 (RJ45 Connector for console and Serial file transfer)
c)  USB Host 'A'
d)  Micro SD (upto 32 GB)
e)  2-SAM slots
1.10 Enclosure  ABS+PC
1.12 Accessories 1)  Paper Roll Thermal paper 57mm wide and 20Mtrs length
2)  Power Adaptor  9V D.C, working on 100 to 240V A.C, 50 / 60Hz / 2.2A with 5mm Plug
3)  Battery  7.4 V / 2600mAH Li-Polymer type
4) Serial console cable RJ45 8P8C one side with DB9 pin termination other side for PC interfaces
5)  Documentation Installation Manual
2.0 Optional Features
2.1 Magnetic Swipe Card Reader a) ISO7811, 3 Track Swipe Card Reader, bidirectional swipe
b) ISO 7816 compliance, contact smart Card Reader
2.2 Smart Card Reader a) Dual Contact Smart Card Reader
b) Contact-less smart card reader with ISO 14443 A/B compliant, MIFARE
c) HID Reader
2.3 Communication Modules 1)  GSM / GPRS a)Quad/Dual Band
b) 2 x SIM Card holder
c) Standard Antenna: 1x Standard Stick Antenna
d) Optional Antenna: 1x Magnetic Whip Antenna (5dB with 3 meters)
e) Optional Antenna: 1x GSM Magnetic Whip Antenna (5dB with 5 meters)
2.4 Finger Print Scanner a)Smart Bio-metric module (ANSI 378/ISO 19794-2 minutia support)
2.5 Wi-Fi Wi-Fi with 802.11 b/g/n
2.6 GPS Inbuilt GPS
2.7 Camera Inbuilt Camera (5 mega pixel)
2.8 Bluetooth Bluetooth enabled
2.8 Accessories a) USB Host (Type A) to USB Device (TypeB) cable
b) Holster
2.9 External Battery Charger 4 batteries holder with Adaptor 9V/3A without batteries
3.0 Software Tools a) VISIONTEK GL11 SDK
b) POS Image Download Tool
Note: Any Customization is subject to Business Approval.