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E-Governance Public Distribution System Management


The Food & Civil Supplies Department of Chattisgarh Government has been battling with various issues like corruption, misues of rations allotted to the Fair Price Shops by the vendors, misappropriation of commodities by using fake ration cards. The Food & Civil Supplies Department has requested for a solution to track the flow of commodities right from stores to the beneficiaries.

Business Challenge / Problem

India's Public Distribution System, comprising of nearly 5,00,000 Fair price Shops(FPS), better known as Ration Shops, constituting the largest distribution network in the world are responsible for distributing commodities to more than 40 Crore families, is one of the biggest of its kind in the world. At present, commodities namely rice, wheat, kerosene and sugar are being allocated to the states for being distributed under PDS.

Each family is issued a ration card using which they get their monthly quota of subsidised commodities. Under PDS scheme, each family below the poverty line is eligible for 35 kg of rice or wheat every month, while a household above the poverty line is entitled to 15 kg of foodgrain on a monthly basis.

However, there are concerns about the efficiency of the distribution process.

Reports show that 32 % of Below Poverty Line (BPL) families who have been issued ration cards cannot be traced. At the national level, it was found that 36% of wheat supplies, 31% of rice and 23% of sugar supplies were diverted from the system.

The common irregularities reported in the PDS were

  • Ration diversion to open market.
  • Many FPS dealers resort to malpractice, illegal diversions of commodities, hoarding and black marketing. The FPS owner takes the commodities issued to him by the Food & Civil Supplies Department and sells it at a higher price to Retail Shops. The govrnment, which gives these commodities at subsidised prices incurs a loss.
  • Overcharging:

The owner sometimes demands higher rate for the commodities from the consumer as there is no one to monitor his activities.

  • Fake IDCards
  • Identification of households to be denoted BPL status and distribution to granted PDS services has been highly irregular. A consumer is liable to fraud by patrons that produce fake ration cards.
  • Many BPL families are not able to acquire ration cards either because they are seasonal migrant workers or because they live in unauthorized colonies.

Customer Details / Brief profile

Food & Civil Supplies Department of any State Government/ Union Territories. Our customers include Haryana PDS, Raipur Core PDS, Jharkhand PDS, Pilot projects in R.R District, Andhra.Pradesh and Pilot projects in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry PDS.

Solution Description

FPSs are equipped with a POS device with GPRS connectivity & STQC certified Finger print sensor. Each beneficiary (BPL Families) is provided with a Smart Ration Card (SRC) with all his details stored in it. The beneficiary produces SRC to the FPS owner to collect his/her ration as per entitlement. The FPS owner inserts the SRC in POS device. The owner then takes a finger print reading of the beneficiary on the finger print scanner for authentication. Information such as the Ration Card Number, Member Name, Finger print template, Bio authentication is produced. Now, POS ID, FPS Smart card number, FPS ID is sent to the central server through GPRS.

If the records match, the FPS owner enters the quantities to be issued to the beneficiary and submits it to the central server. Commodities are issued to the beneficiary and FPS ID, transaction ID, Ration Card number, goods withdrawn are saved in the transaction table. Food balances are reduced with the quantities withdrawn in the server. Two receipts, one for beneficiary & another for FPS Dealer are issued.

If there is no GPRS connectivity, the receipt is generated after storing the quantity details with some flag in the smart card of the beneficiary as well as on the FPS card with some unique transaction id. When the beneficiary's card, flagged to indicate offline issue is inserted in any POS in the system, the details are updated in the central server, if the transaction has not yet been updated from FPS card. Beneficiary card offline issue flag will be updated accordingly.

When FPS's card flagged to indicate offline issue is inserted in any POS with connectivity, all the offline transactions stored in the card will be updated in the server. If any transaction has already been updated from beneficiary's card it will not be updated again. Offline issue flag will be updated accordingly.

We have a solution GL-11 with a bluetooth and weighing scale also

VISIONTEK Products Used


Benefits / Advantages

The beneficiary can choose to go to any FPS as their food account balances are maintained on the server and on smart card. This helps migrant workers acquire their entitled quantity of essential commodities. Using Fingerprint based authentication, reduces leakages and the probability of manual error during the distribution of ration.

As the system is automated, a beneficiary prefers to go to a FPS which uses a POS terminal promply and transparently. Such automation aids the government in monitoring the FPS's through the beneficiaries. As a result, FPS's which commit fraud and perform badly are identified and weeded out automatically as a result of competition. The transaction data recorded would be updated into the public domain and thus enableing public scrutiny and social auditing of the FPSs. The details of withdrawals are sent through Short Message Services to the beneficiary's registered mobile number.

Stock and Inventory Accounting and MIS becomes more effective as the transactions are real time and are updated onto the central server automatically. Therefore, when the FPS is about to run out of stock, it becomes easier for the Food & Civil Supplies Department to verify and replenish the stock easily. Shadows that use false authentication can be identified and removed easily through the use of biometrics.


Using VISIONTEK POS 94/ GL-11 in automating the Public Distribution System and enabling the government to monitor the FPS in a more efficient way and eliminating fraud in the system. The Chief Minister of Chattisgarh, Dr. Raman Singh referred to the HHT as "Annapurna ATM" as it resulted in reduction of complaints, increased satisfaction, transparency, velocity of distribution of commodities. This has made the people very happy.


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