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NREGS Attendance Management and payment Disbursement System


The State government has requested for a system which will enable them to monitor effectively, the payment disbursement to wage seekers under the AP-MGNREGA scheme. They also required a solution for the improvement of the current payment system.

Business Challenge

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme aims at enhancing livelihood security of households in rural areas of the country by providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. The choice of works suggested in the Act addresses causes of chronic poverty like drought, deforestation and soil erosion, so that the process of employment generation is maintained on a sustainable basis.

The NREGA has been notified in 200 most backward districts of the country. The Act provides 100 days of employment guarantee to a rural household. Adult members of a rural household, willing to do unskilled manual work, are required to make a registration in writing or orally to the local Gram Panchayat. The Gram Panchayat after due verification will issue a job card. The job card will bear the photograph of all adult members of the household willing to work under the NREGA and is free of cost. The job card should be issued within 15 days of application.

The program is beset with controversy about corrupt officials, deficit financing as the source of funds for the program, poor implementation, and unintended destructive effect on poverty.

Measurability of work is another big challenge and there is a lot of corruption in this area and hence disbursement of wages on time to the target group with zero leakages is impossible.At national level, a key criticism is corruption. Workers hired under the MGNREGA program say that they are frequently not paid in full or forced to pay bribes to get jobs, and are not learning any new skills that could improve their long-term prospects and break the cycle of poverty. There are also claims of fictitious labourers and job cards by corrupt officials causing the so-called leakage in program spending.

Lack of transparency and accountability: A multi-crore fraud has also been suspected where many people who have been issued the NREGA card are either employed with other government jobs or are not even aware that they have a job card.

Other problems include :

  • Managing beneficiary loyalty.
  • Delay in distribution of job cards.
  • Non-issuance of receipts.

The payment is done by banks, post office or a third-party bank-appointed agencies. For them to deploy cash for payment, they need to check the genuineness of the records sent in by the site supervisor. This process takes up a lot of time which results in the delay of payment of wages to the labourers.

Customer Details

West Bengal Government, State Government A.P Online

Solution Description

The proposed solution consists of POS terminals and smart cards. Each beneficiary is issued a smart card to establish proof of identity or we can use his UIDAI number. The smart card contains beneficiary details like photograph and Bio-ID. The agent inserts the card in the hand-held terminal. Identity of the beneficiary is established by biometric authentication by placing his finger on the biometric fingerprint sensor for online authentication. Attendance for that day gets registered and the report can be sent through GSM/GPRS connectivity.

Payments are made to the worker depending on:

  • Number of days worked
  • Outputs of the work as displayed on Terminal screen after his finger print authentication using AEPS infrastructure.

Every transaction gets updated online in the server at the central office. For tracking the field operations GPS is used. If GPRS or any other communication media is not available, the authentication is done with the fingerprint data of the smart card and updated afterwards. Two receipts are generated, one for the customer and another for the agent's record.

VISIONTEK Products Used

  • Visiontek POS 94./GL-11


By implementing this solution,Govt could control corruption through fool-proof transactions. There is no scope for the agent in the field to manipulate the records. There is increased and improved customer reach.

Reliable identification of the beneficiaries through fingerprint validation is possible, through which managing beneficiary loyalty takes place. Disbursement of pensions and wages occurs in time as the records and each transaction is recorded in the beneficiary bank account through the AEPS network.

Supports both online (through GSM/GPRS) and offline transactions. So in areas of low connectivity, transactions can be done in a USB and later updated onto the server. Recording of each transaction makes monitoring effective thus making real-time management positive. Last mile operational issues are tackled efficiently.

Job seeker enrolment is also possible through this solution.


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