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  • 97BT Bluetooth Printer-97BT
Bluetooth Printer - 97BT

STQC certified Finger print scanner

Capacitive finger print sensor, Smart Bio-metric module (ANSI 378 and ISO 19794-2 templates)

93 POS - Display


Thermal graphic printer; 8 dots/mm: 57mm (2.25 in.) wide paper

Bluetooth Printer-97BT

Contact Smart card reader

Dual contact smart card reader - ISO 7816 compliant

Bluetooth Printer-97BT

USB host

USB 2.0 full speed USB host

Bluetooth Printer-97BT


Length x Width x Height : 141 x 83 x 50 mm

Bluetooth Printer-97BT

Technical Details

Micro Processor ARM9 32Bit Core CPU @ 400Mhz
Memory Flash 256MB, RAM 128MB
Battery Lithium-Ion Polymer 7.4 V 2100 mAh, Rechargeable
Keys Paper Feed & ON/OFF
Power Adaptor AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz DC output 9V, 2.2A
Contact Smart Card Reader Dual Contact Smart Card Reader   *
Contactless Reader ISO-14443 type NFC, Mifare compliant Type A/B   *
SAM 1 SAM Slot   *
Communication Bluetooth ver. 4.0, USB   *
Printer 2 Inch Thermal Graphic Printer
8 dots/mm : 15meters length 57mm wide paper
FPS Capacitive Finger print scanner STQC Certified   *
Enclosure ABS+PC / ABS
Operating Temperature 0 to 55 degree Celsius
Humidity 95% RH, None condensing
Operating System Linux 2.6.31 Operating System
Software Android SDK
* indicates optional feature