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Asset Data Tracking Application


A very reputed FMCG Company had noticed that they have not been getting the expected RoI from promotional item distribution. They came to realize that the retailers had been misusing these assets. They required a solution to track their asset data in a more efficient way.

Business Challenge/Problem

the FMCG company had no track of their promotional items like signage, hoardings, name-boards, and branded materials like boxes and refrigerators, given at the retailer locations. Data pertaining to FMCG asset versus Retailer location were unavailable. This lead to misuse of funds allocated for this activity.


One of the Biggest Cola Manufacturers in The world

Solution Description

The marketing executives were provided with handheld devices with a camera.They would visit the retailer location during their Scheduled Beats and capture the asset data using Barcode/RFID /or thru Photograph/Manual entry. The business done by the retailer is also recorded for a Week or during the month.

All these data are then uploaded to the central server as and when the transactions are completed. It is also possible to capture GPS coordinates of the retailer.

VISIONTEK Products Used



  • map the asset versus retailer location data.
  • No paper work is involved, thus eliminating any chance of fraud or manual error
  • reduced time taken for backend data-entry operations
  • Marketing Executive's productivity & efficiency increased
  • online data & asset visibility.

Customer Impact

Since Their assets Could be tracked, retailer wise, the company could take immediate decisions on Removing or changing faulty &damaged assets from the retailer point which increased their Retailer confidence .

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