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Cash Management solution - CMS


Commercial centres like Shopping Malls, Jewellery Stores, Retail Stores where large amounts of liquid cash is accrued on a daily basis, have a need to deposit cash safely in the banks. They turn to Cash Management service provider for security during this transfer. Trusting the effectiveness of the custodian in transeferring such large amounts of cash becomes obviously difficult as there is no way of tracking their movement.

Business Challenge

The customer is into Cash management services and entrusted in collecting large amounts of cash from traders and business establishments..They had no real time update on the amount of cash collected from the end customer .They were wasting lot of time in Operational issues and their overheads were very high. They also could not verify whether the entire amount collected is deposited in the bank

Solution Description

The POS terminal is carried to the customer by the custodian. The custodian inserts his magnetic card in the POS. The data is sent to the remote server through GSM/GPRS network.

Customers are given smart cards. They swipe it while the custodian card is already placed inside the terminal.

The transaction takes place and customer details like the name, address, details of business and his last transactions will be downloaded to the device.

The custodian then issues a receipt to the customer from the HHT after collecting the cash. These data are updated onto the server in the presence of the customer. The data is fetched from the remote server and are updated when the payment is received.

Daily and Monthly Reports can be generated easily as every day transactions get updated online in the server thereby preventing mismanagement of cash collected,and deposited

The process is secured as every detail of the custodian and the amount is tracked whenever cash transfer occurs from traders to custodian, custodian to bank, and when cash is deposited in the ATM.

The same process is followed when the cash is transferred from the custodian to bank and then deposited in the ATM.

Manual receipts with encrypted code are given to the customer and the same code is fed in the device. On tallying this code, the amount is collected and tagged with an unique number code and the amount details are sent to the server through device. The movement of the custodian can also be tracked using GPS fitted in the Hand held device.


Writers Corporation

Visiontek Products Used



1. Transactional Data are updated in the server "As it Happens".
2. Data visibility is present at all levels with administrative controls.
3. Increase in Velocity, Productivity and Accuracy of the transactions.
4. The whole process is real time, so auditing becomes more effective.
5. Decision Making Processes at different levels are made easy.
6. Printed receipts are given to the customer with Transaction Details for cross-verification.
7. Authentication and Encryption make collection easy, fast and foolproof.
8. Earnings through Value Added Services.
9. Enhanced brand mileage & visibility.
10. Improvement in customer confidence as the payments made by them are updated online and acknowledgment sent via SMS.

Customer impact

VISIONTEK's Cash Management Solution helped Writers Corporation in increasing the productivity of their staff & decreasing operational issues.They were able to monitor the field agents continously & implement a fool-proof ,transparent collection & Remittance process .Their customer satisfaction & confidence levels improved drastically .

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