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Cement and Market Yard Management


Most of the Cement and market yard follows the manual process to receive & dispatch the goods to the customers due to the non availability of Infrastructure like connectivity and power supply at the yard.

Business challenges/Problems

With the Manual process of dispatch system, there is a possibility of middle men intervention and lead to the fraudulent practices and creates loss to the supplier/owner .And other major challenges are

  • Inventory tracking is not possible
  • Online order booking is not possible
  • Invoicing is not possible
  • Data collection and retention is not possible
  • Data manipulation is possible leads to fraudulent practices
  • Lack of transparency in the system

Proposed Solution

VISIONTEK POS ,with high end solution enables the users in the yards for their order booking,Stock Transfer and checking and transmit the data through online using GSM/GPRS. Initially all the details of the supplier to be enrolled and update to the server. Also the weighing machine integration enable the yard management transparency in transactions. Various types of report generation

  • Inventory summary report
  • Sales report
  • Dispatches rake point Vs receipts at ware house

VISIONTEK Products Used


Benefits / Advantages

  • Supports both online/offline data Transactions
  • Increase ware house operations efficiency
  • Inventory tracking
  • High transparency in the process
  • Economical and Quick ROI
  • Fast transaction process
  • Data analysis
  • Invoice generation
  • Data collection and retention is possible
  • Vehicle tracking is possible


with the high level solution facilitates the yard management to track the inventory,Order booking,Invoice Generation,Customer purchase behavior analysis helps for demand forecasting which all leads to the growth in revenue generation.

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