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Mobile Biometric Attendance Capturing System


There are lot of people who work in the field in the sectors like civil, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, etc., where there is chance of fraudulence in terms of attendance .. In general, the attendance record is through manual entry, so there will be chance of attendance data manipulation. People will claim attendance though they will not be at duty/work. The solution is to avoid the fake attendance by the best utilisation of available resources.

Business Challenge

The major challenges includes identification of the individual with the best authentication method, lack of transparency, accountability, no real-time information, data collection and report generation from the work place.

The manual attendance recording system may cause data entry errors, with the possibility of data manipulation, it is a time-consuming process and has high administrative cost which all leads the employer to shell out more than the actual payments

Solution Proposed

The proposed solution consists of POS terminals with GPRS connectivity and a fingerprint reader. Each field worker/contract labourer should do enrolment first and the data is to be transmitted to the central server. The enrolled workers can do field-level authentication using their fingerprint at the work site. In case of any problem with the fingerprint, PIN-based/card-based authentication can also be provided.

Daily attendance capturing of the beneficiary is by placing his/her finger on the inbuilt biometric scanner of our POS terminal. For every authentication, it updates the central server online using the inbuilt GSM/GPRS feature . In case of any communication failure, the data will be stored internally and after the network establishes connectivity ,it transfers the data. With the inbuilt GPS facility the location of work/attendance can be tracked.

Application areas

  • On Field-level employee attendance monitoring
  • Contract labour management system (CLMS)

Visiontek Products Used



  • Fingerprint-based authentication
  • Supports both online and offline transactions
  • Multiple authentication methods possible (fingerprint, smart card and PIN)
  • Data entry not required, hence no manual errors.
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Accurate and efficient monitoring system

Customer Impact

Visiontek's Handheld based attendance solution eases the burden on the employer to record the attendance data on the field and to transfer the data in realtime . Apart from that, it reduces the proxy attendance and hence results in the best utilisation of resources for productivity improvement.

bus ticketing application

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