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Telecom Post Paid bill collection & VAS sale Management


Most of the telecom service providers are facing problem in collecting payments, Irrespective of the Various payment methods available to the customer. In order they are looking for other options to facilitate the customer for fast payment collection.

Business Challenge / Problem

The major challenge here is to provide the flexibility to the customer in their payments. Generally during the peak hours,it is very difficult to manage the customers at a store.

Also providing the facilities to the customers located in rural areas is very difficult to the TELCO's as it involves large set up cost to the service providers.

With the complex setup like Computer with Printer,UPS etc..its very difficult to transfer from one place to other place. Also it requires
1. large commercial space which is costlier.
2. Infrastructure development
3. Training the resources
4. Large commercial space required
5. Maintenance cost is high

Solution Description

Visiontek POS terminals with GSM/GPRS will deploy at the retail stores facilitates the provider which is easy to carry and do transaction and update the same to the server real time.

A precash loaded simcard provided to the Relationship centers/Distributors/Dealers for collecting the postpaid payments from the customers.

Based on the Tel No/Mobile no the transaction will happen and communicates to the server and verifies the transaction and receipt is issued as a confirmation to the customer using inbuilt printer. By EOD we can generate the reports regarding the various transactions. Sale of Value added services also possible with the same terminal.

Visiontek Products Used


Benefits / Advantages

  • Bill collection at door step
  • Advance revenues to TELCO's
  • No Infrastructure cost I.e pc,ups,cabling,printer.etc
  • Printed receipt for postpaid bill instantly.
  • Can generate duplicate bill
  • SMS generation and print.
  • Receipt with Logo (can be used for any reimbursement)
  • Download of day-to-day transactions into PC.
  • User friendly application
  • Monitoring the MIS for day-to-day transactions (complete transactions / rollbacks)
  • Will improve customer's satisfaction
  • Decrease of cash counter Q's (Can go to the customer with terminal)
  • Acknowledge for the payments.
  • SIM balance display can be viewed (Current balance)
  • Battery backup for the handheld terminal
  • VAS services also possible


The retail distributors/Dealers have observed a significant improvement in receiving Payments on time by using the POS terminals .With high mobility allows the service provide Increase/Decrease the Counters based on the customer flow during peak hours/days.

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