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Traffic e-Challan Application


Traffic violation takes place very often on the Indian roads. The traffic police deployed across the country are unable to control these violators due to the unavailability of any connectivity on the field. When caught, the offender gets away by paying the traffic police a minimal amount Keeping a tab on this activity has become an impending task for the state and central governments.

Business Challenge / Problem

Colleting data of violators by the traffic police is not possible in the current system, as they are not connected to the database in any way. Malpractices including non-issuance of receipts to the violators or manipulation in the manual spot fine receipts take place on a large scale.
Resources are being wasted at each police station on manually updating data at various levels.
There is no information about the previous offences committed by the traffic violator. Also, there is no proper track record of the fines collected by policemen.


Chandigarh police Department

Solution Description

The traffic policeman is given a hand-held terminal working on GPRS technology. When a violator is stopped, he is asked to produce his driving license and other registration details. On the basis of these details, the device will be able to retrieve data relating to previous offences committed by the driver or the vehicle from its database. The terminal prints the challans and it is updated online.

Each device is capable of acting as a payment receiving station for any challan or notice generated by any other device and issue receipt. Moreover, this system will also enable the policemen to know whether the vehicle involved in the traffic rule violation is stolen, the previous history of the vehicle or driver in accidents, and whether any notice from the traffic police is pending against the vehicle. Payment gateway integration is also possible for getting payment through credit/debit card.

VISIONTEK Products Used


Key Features

GSM/GPRS Connectivity.

Spot fine issuance, challan entry, pending challan information, spot challan issuance, information on total cash collected-area-wise/policeman-wise, retrieving transaction logs, verifying the documents, and making a daily report of the spot challan collected are all possible.

Data encryption/decryption and data interface to challan database is also possible. Enables reading of daily/weekly/monthly transaction history and DL & RC details of the vehicle owner and syncing with RTO/theft database.


  • 1. It helps policemen to get the past record of the driver and vehicle and enable them to retrieve data relating to previous offences committed by the driver or the vehicle and whether the vehicle involved in the traffic rule violation is stolen.
  • Spot fines can be issued immediately, thus punishing the traffic violators becomes a fast process.
  • Maintaining a record of all traffic offences becomes easy.
  • Eliminates manual operations and thus increases transparency in the system.
  • As data available is online, no resource is required to manually update data from record books to the PC. This ensures resource optimization

Customer impact

By using the VISIONTEK's Echallan solution , The Police department streamlined spot fine collection in the city.Their Revenue collection increased and they also had a track of offences commited and details of Violators

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