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Cable Billing and Payment Collection Application


A DTH company, in their annual financial reviews noticed faulty billing records. They understood that some collection executives have been mismanaging the records and came to us for a solution that will enable them to keep track of every billing transaction to increase the transparency levels.

Business Challenges

It is a process that is dependent on the collection executive. Hence the process is completely manual due to which the revenues can be manipulated by the collection executive.

There is no control or information on cash flow; thus performance monitoring of the field agents becomes a task. Extra time is taken in reconciliation of the cash collected and the billed amount as the agent has to go back to the office and enter all this data manually. This also increases the probability of manual error.Also, there is lack of visibility of exact customer numbers.

Proposed Solution

Preferred Model  -  Offline ( For Cable operators )
   -  Online ( For DTH companies )

Updated data resides within the Hand-held device (HHD) for the specified clients/route/society. The collection executive visits the client, with the help of a hand-held terminal (HHT) with previous month outstanding , generates the current monthly bill and then collects the bill followed by issuance of the receipt. This transaction data is stored in the HHD and is downloaded onto a server at the central place for reporting, monitoring and reconciliation in the offline mode.

The transaction data is uploaded to a central server via gprs as the transaction happens

VISIONTEK Products Used


Key Features

Opening and closing balances are provided for each customer/ HHT supports cash and cheque payments, prints collection receipts in suitable formats and provides summary of collection for verification. Monitoring the collection activity and the efficiency of field staff is also possible.

Stores sales data in a secure and tamper-proof manner and data is updated onto the central server for an MIS report, customer profiling etc.


Cash collection process becomes more transparent as the errors are reduced and manipulations are identified and controlled due to the reduction in cash-handling issues.

Monitoring the performance of field agents and improving client and field executive tracking are possible. This enriches customer loyalty towards the dealers and improves the brand image.

Customer Impact

By implementing VISIONTEK GL-14, the company was able to significantly automate their field service, reduce the driving time of the field agent, improve the consistency in customer service, manage time more effectively and increase the on-field activity.

92 POS - Rural finance

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