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Delivery Management


Multi national food giants have multiple outlets across all the metropolitan cities and are now expanding toTier 2& 3 cities. .The orders have to be door delivered within a stipulated time to the customer. They contacted VISIONTEK with a requirement for a solution to effectively streamline their delivery processes.

Business Problem

There was no tracking of goods delivery activity on the field. A lot of time was wasted by the field staff. The management had no track and less control on cash collections.

Manual book keeping and data entry methods are prone to error. Only cash was accepted by the operations staff.

At the end of the day, data in the cash receipts is entered manually into the PC. This PC is connected to the central server via leased lines/ISDN. There is a possibility of mismanagement of the cash receipts in the field.

Proposed Solution

The operations staff carries a POS terminal to the field with the customer details, collects the payment and raises a cash receipt. One copy of the receipt is given to the customer and other copy is carried back to the office. The delivery staff types the unique "order number" in the ePOS. The data is sent to the central server through GSM/GPRS or CDMA network.

The customer details like the name, address, details of amount due will be displayed on the screen. The delivery staff accepts the amount from the customer. He feeds in the details of the cash received onto the POS terminal. The same is updated in the central server and the receipt is generated.

The operations staff prints out two receipts. Gives one to the customer and carries one for filing at the office. The above process is an online process and thus prevents any cash/delivery mismanagement in the field. The data is fetched from the central server and is updated when the payment is received.

VISIONTEK Products Used



1. eduction in spending resources on back-end data entry as the payment is collected online.
2. Receipt printing is real time.and this reduces the chances of manipulation.
3. The entire data is available at the central server. Tracking of all the executives'
    activity on the field is possible.
4. Ideal for managing a large network of users distributed across the country providing
    real-time access and support.

Customer Impact

VISIONTEK's delivery management solution helped its client to streamline their business systems. They were able to simplify many tedious and time-consuming business tasks, making business management more effective. The customer now have better control over processes, clearer visibility of operations, and a streamlined supply chain .Their information storage & recall was more efficient which lead to a higher impact on their staff accountability and customer service, thus bringing greater value to the business.

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