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Jewellery Estimation Application


Reputed jewelry stores across the country have been spending valuable time and resources in estimate calculation of each ornament.This is mostly done manually, which takes time & gives an wrong impression to the customer. Also, the customer becomes restless in asking numerous times the price of an ornament thus losing interest in purchase.To handle the situation, client jewelers require a faster and more effective management process that enables the sales person to estimate the ornament value in the presence of the customer hence taking care of his feelings and to ensure security of the ornament.

Business Challenge / Problem

Due to the dynamic nature of gold prices, the estimate of each jewel changes continuously. Time is wasted by sales staff in getting the gold rates, other charges and in manually calculating the estimate of ornaments in front of the customers. The Customer trust on the whole system will decrease.

Proposed Solution

HHT device equipped with Wifi / GPRS / Ethernet is used to generate the estimation cost of the Jewelery whenever the customer asks for a specific ornament. The complete details of that ornament including gross weight, stone weight, making charges, wastage etc is displayed on the estimated bill. The present gold rates are taken from their server thru Wifi / GPRS. We can also use the same for generating the sales bill to the customers.

VISIONTEK Products Used

  • GL-14

Key Features

Opening Stock Summary, Purchase Stock summary, Sales Summary, Closing Stock Summary can be availed.

Sales Bill / Duplicate Sales Bill, List of Sales Bills, List of Purchase Bills, Sales / Purchase Estimations, Stock Items with Gross and Net Weights, Detailed Estimation / Bill for Plain / Stone Items, Item wise stock report with PCs and Weight can be generated.

Benefits / Advantages

Transparency with customers is enhanced. Gold rate along with other changers are available by the click of a button. There is increased productivity for the sale staff at counters. +Customer belief & trust on that Jeweler will increase.


The jewelery store has noticed a significant increase in performance of the sales staff. They have also noticed increased customer loyalty and better MIS management.


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