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Loyalty Management Application


A sports company with its stores spread out having its foot print at various locations across the country has noticed mishandling of inventory by their employees at festive or during discount sale season.They also needed a system in which they could track the customer buying trend and help increase their loyalty with various promotional programs.

Business Challenge / Problem

Stores selling clothes, accessories and other essentials do not have a track of customer Walk-ins. They are not able to track the customer's buying preference. There is lack of online visibility on the effect of various schemes run for customers inside the shop, whether they are working or not.

They do not have a tool to track customer Loyalty and inform their customers about new arrivals/schemes.

Proposed Solution

A Hand-held Device is installed inside the store & All customer that enroll are given a Magnetic swipe card with a unique id. Whenever the customer buys any product from the outlet, he earns reward points against his purchase. These reward points can be accumulated & redeemed at the outlet for future purchase.

Entire customer data along with their respective accumulated points & redeemed data is updated via GSM/GPRS or thru Wi-Fi/Ethernet to the central server.

VISIONTEK Products Used

  • GL-14

Key Features

Online connectivity to the server, Date wise report, Customer wise accumulated points report, Redeemed customer id wise reports, Sales report and Discount/Credit report against redeemed points.

It can be used during power failure as there is built-in battery. In areas where there is no connectivity, the system can be used in an offline mode and the data can later be updated onto the server.

Benefits / Advantages

It is an online tool to assess the customer buying trend/preferences. It helps increase the customer footfalls. Once registered, the same card can be used for redemption across all the other outlets/multiple outlets across the country. Customer Loyalty increases as he get points for every purchase. This gives him an incentive to shop more at the same store.

The customer purchasing behavior can be analyzed and can help identify and reward their most valuable customer on repeated purchase. Increase promotion effectiveness.

VISIONTEK POS can be used for billing along with Loyalty solution. All accruals/redemptions are updated online automatically.


The company has noticed a significant increase in the customer numbers and revenue. They are now able to keep track of the activities in every store across the country. They are very happy with our services and support and have established a long standing relationship with VISIONTEK.


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