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Parking Management system


Most of the parking areas at Railway stations,Bus stations,Public places and Retail malls/commercial complexes in metropolitian cities are facing the problem of managing the best utilization of small parking slots

Business challenges

There is no track of money collected from visitors in Malls/Commercial complexes through manually issued gate passes.Reconciliation of different type of Two/Four wheelers tickets versus money collected was a difficult task when manual passes were issued.

Manual ticketing is time consuming during rush hours and the visitors were kept waiting in queues for long hours.Also there is possibility of fraud by collecting the money and not issuing the tickets leads to Money loss to the management.

Solution Description

A hand-held device is used at the parking slots of various Malls/Commercial complexes to issue tickets to the visitors. At the end of the day, a summary report of all the tickets issued is uploaded to PC. This report gives complete details of the No of tickets issued by various Individuals at various parking slots.

There is a optional functionality of online transaction of data through inbuilt GSM/GPRS and consolidate the data from various locations.

Visiontek Products Used

  • GL-14 POS

Benefits / Advantages

Exact count of visitors visiting the Mall/Commercial complex is available without any hassle every day. Money collected from each visitor is accounted properly. No option for mismanagement of collected amount. Reconciliation of amount collected versus tickets issued becomes easy.


VISIONTEK POS has enabled the management to track the inflow of visitors and keep track of the tickets issued at the entrance. As the process is automated, the flow data has become smooth and hassle-free. The traffic flow is handled very efficiently by appointing more people with HHT during peak hours to avoid the large queues.

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