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Petrol bunk Billing Application


A customer with petrol outlets across the country has come to us for a solution that will enable them to keep a track of their sales records. They had number of outlets across some of the states in India.

Business Challenge / Problem

They have found few challenges in monitoring day to day operations like

  • Tracking of petrol product sales.
  • Issues on transparency of products sold versus cash collected.
  • Reconciliation of reports is a tedious task.
  • Lack of online visibility of sales & stock.

Proposed Solution

POS is installed at petrol bunks which will connect to their local server through wi-fi or GPRS to get the rates of petrol products & issuing a bill to the customer. The data is updated in their server. Daily basis reports can be generated, Stocks sold, stocks available, inventory, cash collected & sales will be updated.

VISIONTEK Products Used

  • GL-14

Key Features

  • Online connectivity to the server
  • Date wise report
  • Product wise report
  • Staff / Shift wise report
  • Sales report
  • Cash collected report

Benefits / Advantages

There is online visibility of stocks & sales, transparency in cash collected by each staff in each shift.

Loyalty schemes can be run to petrol bunk customers. Item wise report can be generated.

Billing solution + loyalty solution with Multi-Functional and Integrated business processes to take care of their diverse needs of maintaining records for Fuel Dispensing, Servicing of Vehicles, Accounting, Invoicing and Inventory being done in one single system freeing from using multiple systems.


With petrol bunk automation, payment receipt is generated against the particular invoice giving the user Bill wise Integrated Accounting & Inventory and freeing user from duplication of work with minimal data entry to get smooth work flow and increase in efficiency.

VISIONTEK POS helps the Petrol Bunk outlets in online ledger, Ageing of Accounts, Reports and MIS at Finger Tips leading to effective & improved decision making.


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