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Retail Billing Application/Van Distribution - Offline


An FMCG company noticed that some of their customers alter their purchase order after it has been dispatched due to which the delivery agent is unable to place an indent. The company was looking for a better solution for inventory tracking and cash management. They have approached VISIONTEK for a solution to manage their retail distribution in a more productive and hassle-free way.

Business Challenge / Problem

There is increased risk exposure in this segment since there is only a foggy idea of collections/billings from the outlets. There is no proper control on cash flow and monitoring of performance of sales agents. Resources are being spent in reconciliation of cash collected & stock billed to outlets as manual entries take longer.

There is a possibility of mismanagement of the cash receipts in the field and lack of visibility of stocks/orders at each retail outlet.

Proposed Solution

Sale orders for the route (if pre indented) is downloaded on to the device from PC/server. Bill customers/retailers, collect payments & take orders/indent. The POS terminal will be carried by the sales agents during their daily beat.

The product is billed according to the order of respective retail outlet & cash/cheque is collected.

Sales executives can issue receipts to the consumer from the POS after taking their order & collecting the payment. Sales executives carry back the device to the office & sales data from the device is synchronized with the data base in the main server. Physical cash collected is verified by the accounts department & reconciled with the POS data.

VISIONTEK Products Used

  • GL-14
  • GL-11

Key Features

Sales Order Management

  • Lists all orders on system in real time for all branches, highlighting low margin orders.
  • Shows detailed information for each order: profit margin, stock availability, purchase orders raised, stock receipts, picking and dispatch of goods, customer returns.

Cash Management

  • Lists all orders with outstanding payments.
  • Allocates payments to sales orders.
  • Allocates payments to customer refunds.
  • End of day cash reconciliation report.

Purchase Orders

  • Back to back purchase orders from sales orders
  • Generates purchase orders for multiple suppliers from a single sales order
  • Purchase order authorizations

Advanced Purchase Orders

  • Low stock alerts
  • Sales and supply analysis to aid purchasing decision.

Stock Management

  • Tracking of customer returns.
  • Tracking of returns to suppliers.
  • Tracking of lost and damaged stock items.
  • Tracking of all internal and external stock movements.


  • Records goods received by purchase order
  • Internal transfers between racks or different warehouses
  • Centralized management of stock picks
  • Schedule of all outstanding picks by warehouse
  • Recording of losses or damages incurred during pick
  • Schedule of all outstanding dispatches by warehouse
  • Recording of losses or damages incurred during dispatch

Management Information

  • Weekly / monthly Sales by salesmen with drill down to sales order
  • Weekly / monthly Sales by branch with drill down to sales order
  • Sales analysis by supplier with drill down to product category


  • Linked to warehouse picking and dispatch system
  • Transport routing with delivery schedule and customers and delivery report.

Benefits / Advantages

No data entry time is taken. Just synchronize the data base with server. Can identify errors and discrepancies in dealer payments on realtime basis. Eliminates cash handling issues and improves control over malpractices, monitors performance of sales/delivery executives. Better inventory tracking, enriches customer experience, improve brand image and transparency in Cash collection.


The retail distributors have observed a significant improvement in receiving detailed information for each order, better cash management and allocation of payments, better stock management and sale analysis by using VISIONTEK POS.


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