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Telecom Retail Distribution Management Systesm


Most of the telecom products like Airtime vouchers,Modems,Mobile phones are distributed to the retailers through delivery agent.In general the distributors/dealers book the orders from retailers in field and deliver the material by hand on the same day or Next working day,subject to the availability of stock.

Business challenges

There is increased risk exposure in this segment since there is only a foggy idea of collections/billings from the outlets. There is no proper control on cash flow and monitoring of performance of sales agents. Resources are being spent in reconcilation of cash collected & stock billed to outlets ,as manual entries take longer.

There is a possibility of mismanagement of the cash receipts in the field and lack of visibility of stocks/orders at each retail outlet.

Solution Description

Sale orders for the route (if pre indented) is downloaded on to the device from PC/server. The device is carried by delivery executive to Bill distributors/dealers, collect payments & take orders/indent.

Sales executives can issue receipts to the consumer from the POS after taking their order & collecting the payment. Sales executives carry back the device to the office & sales data from the device is synchronized with the data base in the main server. Physical cash collected is verified by the accounts department & reconciled with the POS data.

Visiontek Products Used


Key features

  • Sales Order booking/Management
  • Treasuary sales tracking
  • Cash Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock Management

Benefits / Advantages

No data , just synchronize with data base at server. Can identify errors and discrepancies in dealer payments ASAP Eliminates cash handling issues and improve control over malpractices. Monitors performance of sales/delivery executives. Improved inventory tracking. Enriches customer experience for distributors/dealers and improve brand image.Transparency in Cash collection.


The retail distributors have observed a significant improvement in receiving detailed information for each order, better cash management and allocation of payments, better stock management and sale analysis by using VISIONTEK POS.

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