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Weighing Machine Automation


A MNC who is into different domains like Retail, Dairy, Poultry, Logistics.etc had a definite problems with their day to day operations at raw material procurement. The process involved measurement of various raw materials through Digital Weighing Scale. Management has notice the process to be Time Consuming and Non Transparent when there is no supervision. This had a direct impact on the farmer who product was either underweighted or the payment process was delayed. This created an unrest within the farmers who starting exploring other options of selling their products. It is of utmost importance to the company to retain their Farmer/vendor loyalty as the product is their primary raw material. The company required a solution for increasing the transpareny and improve data tracking at raw material procurement process.

Business Challenge / Problem

  • It was a herculean task to the company to accumulate the data of raw material procured from each farmer from rural villages on daily bases.
  • Various hardware interfaces like Computers, Analyzers, and Weighing Scales are becoming costly and cumbersome affair to the company.
  • Due to human intervention company has identified few manipulations which cost loyalty of the farmer.
  • Manual entry of data like quantity, quality and amount payable to the farmers become cumbersome, laborious and error prone task which led loss of farmer to competitors.

Solution Description

  • Agents at the collection point uses Hand-Held Terminals with smart card reader to record the daily collection details.
  • Smart Cards are issued to farmer with there personal information and transaction details stored into it. So, everytime a transaction takes place, information like the amount paid to the customer along with time stamps will be updated automatically to the central server using GSM/GPRS Network.
  • Hand Held Terminals was integrated with Digital Weighing Scales & Analyzers and installed at every site.
  • Every transaction made will have two receipts one for the farmer and other for the agent. All the transactions made are sent to server on real time bases using GPRS/GSM with complete details on Quality, Quantity and other details.
  • Bases on real time field inputs production planning are done.
  • Daily summary reports are generated with proper administrative & audit control at different levels.

Visiontek Products Used


Benefits / Advantages

Using Hand-Held Terminal ensured complete automation for collection of raw materials and payment process. This reduced manual error's and increased transparency. Using smart cards increased a sense of loyalty in the farmer as every transaction is recorded and payments made was faster than before. This was utmost importance to the manufacturer to retain the farmers and thus get continuous supply of raw material from him.

It is an easy, flexible and fool-proof solution for billing. It reduces the work of the collection agent vastly and laid the path to improvise his operations further.It is possible to maintain a complete data base of the farmers and helps communicate to them directly.


VISIONTEK POS Ensured smooth fool proof transaction process This process not only delivered a promising ROI to the customer but helped in retaining the farmer confidence in the company which further enriched growth of the company.

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