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Leading towards automation in every segment, VISIONTEK POS makes things happen in a smarter & efficient way. Some of our solutions like Taxi dispatch system, Cable Billing, News Paper distribution, Toll gate management etc have run an extra mile in easing operational issues while providing complete transparency in the system. It's the way our solutions designed in user-friendly & menu driven options that helps lay men to work on our terminals. We structured our solutions to best fit as per the segment/industries.


Situation Analysis

In today's competitive market, there is so much of pressure on every entrepreneur to get good results and high revenue with great customer satisfaction.

Regardless to the size of the industry, everyone wants to automate their process in order to reduce the manpower and increase the outcomes.

Operational issues like data reconciliation, data verification & tracking, business graphs become very difficult for medium & large scale industries. Using our transaction terminals these complications can be eased out.

Helps for Customer retention

  • Gaining customer loyalty
  • Monthly reconciliation made easy
  • Fast checkout process
  • Secured & foolproof transactions
  • Prior acknowledgement after payment

High Level Solution

Visiontek POS terminals with GSM/GPRS/Wi-Fi facilitate the customers to bill where customer requires a receipt in the remote place.

There are other solutions using Visiontek POS to gain the customer's satisfaction and ease our automation process like

  • Taxi Dispatch System
  • Cable Billing
  • Newspaper Distribution
  • Apartment Maintenance
  • Tollgate Automation
  • Ticketing Management-Amusement Park, Exhibitions etc.

Bottom Line

With the possibility of high level of automation with Visiontek POS terminals, we can provide various applications to gain the customer confidence towards the organization and to facilitate the customers for foolproof transactions

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  • Spot receipts, online information saves time and money
  • Online/Offline transaction data upload
  • Transparency in payment collection
  • Low cost of displacement
  • No mismanagement of amount.
  • Loyalty Programs with Smart card/ Prepaid cards
  • Options to capture Image of the customer for Security