GL-11 Visiontek POS terminal with a in-built fingerprint scanner designed exclusively for e-governance and micro-finance projects. VISIONTEK GL-11 offers biometric authentication for beneficiary transactions for microfinance and PDS segments.

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IRIS Scanner

IRIS Scanner

The IriShieldT MK 2120U features IriTech's superior IRIS for Aadhaar Authentication of beneficiaries in domains like PDS, MGNREGS, Pension, AEBAS etc. IriTech is capable of excellent IRIS matching and IRIS image quality assessment algorithms to provide good quality images and avoid false positives while maximizing true positive identification rates. The embedded algorithms can complete a matching query against 1,000 stored templates in 0.5 second.

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GL-14 Visiontek Point-of-Sale terminal is built on ARM9 processor based technology, comes with a thermal printer powered by in-built battery & external adaptor

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98 PDA

Visiontek 98 PDA, with built-in camera and barcode reader, is a smart industrial mobile phone with touch screen that supports communication modules like Bluetooth, GPRS & GPS for rapid online and offline transactions.

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93 POS

A mobile handheld data terminal to capture transactions, process them and transmit information to host computers in real time. VISIONTEK 93 POS is easy to operate, light weight and handy. The simple user-friendly design allows you to integrate with a barcode reader also a contactless smart card reader.

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Bluetooth Printer-97BT


VISIONTEK 97BT a Rugged, Compact, Versatile Bluetooth & USB Compatible Thermal Printer for mobile based applications. The printer works with all kinds of programmable Mobile Phones, PDAs, Tablets, Laptops/PCs, Kiosks, Digital Cameras. Visiontek Bluetooth printer is easily programmable and user friendly device with optional inbuilt peripherals like STQC certified Finger Print Scanner, Single/Dual Contact Card Reader, SAM, etc.,

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